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Oxy Communications is brought to you by is a way of making regular phone calls over a Broadband High Speed Internet connection instead of a regular telephone line. With VoIP, there are no unexplained taxes and service charges, or expensive monthly fees and lots of great features come standard.

Oxy Communications offers VOIP for cheaper international long distance rates which are generally one-tenth of what is charged by traditional phone companies. Its portability makes it a very good option and one could avoid expensive hotel phone charges and cell phone roaming charges. What one requires is just a high speed connection where one could plug the adapter into and people could reach you at your local number irrespective of your location.

Most Internet connections are charged using a flat monthly fee structure. Using the Internet connection for both data traffic and voice calls can allow consumers to get rid of one monthly payment. In addition, VoIP plans do not charge a per-minute fee for long distance.

By making VoIP calls using internet enabled cell phones one could avoid wireless roaming fees and long distance rates which generally touch north. Most of the times in-network calls to other VoIP service subscribers are free even if the calling parties are located in different parts of the world.

The only requirement for this technology is a Broadband High Speed Internet Service, such as DSL or Cable, since VoIP service relies on a High Speed Internet connection to work correctly.

Starting with us is fast and simple. Create an account, make a prepayment via one of our numerous payment methods offered,configure your device and benefit from the cheapest wholesale termination rates around.

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Nothing is more important to us than the smooth running of your business with the help of our communications solutions. In contrast to other solutions, we also support SMS termination, which can boost your business and increase your revenue.

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Our reseller services ensure you an economical way of selling VoIP-enabled services to businesses having existing client-relationships in the captive audience for the same.


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We take the charge of consistently monitoring the traffic, so that the highest quality of wholesale carrier services can be ensured.

  • Managed Service Monitoring
  • Upbeat round
  • Utmost Network Uptime
  • Lowest start up expenditure


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Oxy Communications is a fast growing telecommunication service provider.Thank to interconnections with more than 32 carriers you provide us the best terminating quality to the cheapest prices available on the VOIP market.

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